Principal Investigator


Prof. Jeremy Cone

Jeremy received his Ph.D in Social Psychology from Cornell University in 2012. He spent a year as a visiting assistant professor at Williams in 2012-201, followed by a post-doc in the Human Cooperation Lab at Yale University from 2013-2015. He rejoined the faculty at Williams as an assistant professor in 2015. His research focuses on understanding the nature and operation of implicit processes, including especially implicit attitude change.

Current Lab Members



Katie is a senior psychology and biology double major from Fort Myers, Florida. She joined the ICE Lab in the Spring of 2015 and will be completing her senior thesis with Jeremy Cone. On campus she is a member of the women's cross country team, as well as the women's water polo team. Katie has aspirations to attend medical school after Williams.


SHAHEEN CURRIMJEE (2017-present)

Shaheen is a sophomore from Mauritius with interest in social psychology and french. She joined the ICE Lab in the summer of 2017 and has enjoyed learning with her colleagues and mentor, Jeremy Cone. Outside of the classroom, she is a gallery guide at the Williams College Museum of Art and an executive editor at the Williams Record. 


Isabel Andrade (2018 -present)

Isabel is a recent graduate that joined the ICE lab the summer of 2018. She is from Quito, Ecuador, and loves the Andes mountains. She majored in philosophy but social psychology has a special place in her heart. Outside of the classroom, Isabel was involved in Served (a choreography with dining service staff), the International Club, Storytime and Gospel Choir. 


Alex Medeiros (2017-present)

Alex is a sophomore and prospective music and psychology double major from Barrington, Rhode Island. She joined the ICE lab in the Summer of 2017. On campus, she is a director of the Williams Gospel Choir, an editor of the Record, and a member of the Committee of Community and Diversity.



Charles Levin (2016-2017)

CJ is a senior psychology major hailing from Teaneck, New Jersey. He joined the ICE Lab in the Spring of his junior year, and will be completing his thesis with Jeremy Cone and Steven Fein. On campus he serves as a member of the Neighborhood Leadership Team, and Student Assistant Coach for the Wrestling team. He plans to do research after Williams, before eventually applying to Medical School.


Grace Murray (2017-present)

Grace is a sophomore from Lawrenceville, NJ. She joined the ICE lab in the spring of 2017, and is interested in psychology and computer science. In addition to working in the lab, Grace works as a lifeguard and is a co-captain of the women's water polo team.


Carmen Bango (2017-present)

Carmen is a junior from Woodstock, Vermont. She joined the lab in the Winter of 2017 and is a Psychology major and Neuroscience concentrator. At Williams, Carmen is involved with Storytime and a member of the cross country running and Nordic ski teams. In her free time, Carmen loves exploring mountains, eating brunch and reading short fiction.


Spencer Lee-Rey (2016-2018)

Spencer is a Biology & Psychology double major with a concentration in Neuroscience from Yonkers, New York (with future dreams of becoming a physician). He joined the ICE Lab in the spring of his sophomore year and is interested in implicit social cognition and its subsequent effects on behavior and biases. Aside from the lab, Spencer is the Men's Squad Captain of the Sankofa Step Team and is the Secretary for the Society of the Griffins. He enjoys being extra, seasoned food and Arizona Iced Teas.


Michael Ding (2016-2018)

Michael is a senior from Nashville majoring in sociology and environmental studies. He's interested in studying the social world at the intersection of different disciplines—most recently adding network analysis—and is always learning more with an eye towards social impact. He joined the ICE Lab in the fall of 2016 and has enjoyed contributing to Professor Cone’s research and working with his teammates. Apart from academics, he runs a cooking club and a photography club



Charley Wyser (Spring 2017)



Mollie Bernstein (2016-2018)

Mollie is a senior from Venice, CA majoring in psychology. She is interested in both social psychology and neuroscience. She joined the ICE Lab in the fall of 2016, and has enjoyed collaborating and learning from her fellow research assistants, as well as Professor Cone. In her free time, Mollie plays oboe in the Berkshire Symphony and trains for triathlons. 


Gabriele Gauthier (2016-2017)


Gabby Gauthier joined the ICE Lab in 2016 and completed a senior thesis with Professor Cone. While at Williams she participated in Peer Health, RASAN, and enjoyed studying Art History and English in addition to Psychology. She is currently working as a Research Technician at the National Center for PTSD and aspires to attend graduate school in clinical psychology.



Katie is a member of the class of 2017 and is from San Marino, California. Having majored in psychology, she loved her experience working in the ICE Lab the summer before her senior year. During her time at Williams, she also concentrated in Leadership Studies, was a member of the women’s soccer team, and served as a Junior Advisor. She will move to Boston and intends to work for a division of the U.S. Department of Justice.


Benjamin Lin (2016-2017)


Eva Fourakis (2015-2016)

Eva Fourakis majored in psychology and math before joining the Princeton Baby Lab, a developmental psychology research lab at Princeton. During her time in the ICE lab, Eva studied the fundamental attribution error in implicit attitudes, examining how implicit attitudes and trait evaluations are able to incorporate situational information. In the Princeton Baby Lab, Eva studies child language development, mostly in the context of bilingualism and poverty. In her free time, Eva enjoys watching sports, juggling, and quilting.



Maddie Epsten (2015-2016)


Emily Roach (2015-2016)

Lab Photos (2015-2017)